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Results 2009

Mayo Gaels GAA Club

Results for 2009

Intermediate Football Championship 2009

Mayo Gaels 1-9 V Westport 6-7 Quarter Final September 26th Match Report
Louisburgh 0-10 V Mayo Gaels 1-10 August 16th Match Report
Cill Chomain 0-12 V Mayo Gaels 0-11 June 5th Match Report
Mayo Gaels 0-14 V Kilmeena 0-14 May 31st Match Report Photos

Senior League Division 1D

Mayo Gaels 2-14 V Knockmore B 2-15 September 12th Match Report
Ardnaree 3-17 V Mayo Gaels 1-9 August 29th Match Report
Mayo Gaels 0-18 V Carramore 2-10 June 27th Match Report
Ballina B 2-11 V Mayo Gaels 2-11 June 6th Match Report
Mayo Gaels 0-14 V Eastern Gaels 0-9 May 16th Match Report
Ballyhaunis 1-7 V Mayo Gaels 0-12 May 2nd Match Report
Mayo Gaels 1-8 V Lahardane 1-6 April 25th Match Report
Crossmolina B 3-7 V Mayo Gaels 0-13 April 19th Match Report
Killala 1-7 V Mayo Gaels 0-9 April 5th Match Report


O'Mara Cup

Mayo Gaels 0-8 V Claremorris 7-7 March 28th Match Report
Mayo Gaels 0-7 V Shrule-Glencorrib 1-4 March 21th Match Report
Kilmaine 1-7 V Mayo Gaels 1-10 March 15th Match Report
Ballinrobe 1-15 V Mayo Gaels 2-8 June 21th Match Report
Davitts 2-13 V Mayo Gaels 3-6 June 23rd
Garrymore 3-15 V Mayo Gaels 0-2 July 10th Match Report
Mayo Gaels 0-7 V Hollymount 2-13 July 26th Match Report

South Mayo Junior Championship

Mayo Gaels 0-4 V Shrule-Glencorrib 7-12 July 10th
The Neale 3-17 V Mayo Gaels 2-5 July 28th Match Report
Hollymount 3-6 V Mayo Gaels 2-11 Aug 5th Match Report
Mayo Gaels V Kilmaine not played

Reserve League Section 1

Shrule-Glencorrib 1-13 V Mayo Gaels 0-7 June 17th Match Report
Kilmaine 2-6 V Mayo Gaels 1-6 June 10th Match Report
Mayo Gaels 1-9 V Tourmakeady 0-5 May 20th Match Report
Mayo Gaels 1-4 V Hollymount 3-11 May 6th
Garrymore 1-10 V Mayo Gaels 0-4 April 22nd Match Report

Sean Flanagan Cup Final

Mayo Gaels 1-06 V Hollymount 0-14 February 22nd

U-21 C Football Championship Group D

Tourmakeady V Mayo Gaels conceded to Tourmakeady June 30th
Mayo Gaels V Kilmaine conceded to Kilmaine July 22nd

Bord na nOg Results 2009

Minor C Championship

Lahardane 3-12 V Mayo Gaels 2-8 August 23rd

Minor League Division 5

Davitts 2-12 V Mayo Gaels 3-15 April 3rd
Mayo Gaels 6-14 V Kilmovee 1-11 May 1st
Tourmakeady 1-14 V Mayo Gaels 0-13 May 8th
Mayo Gaels 2-8 V Balla 4-15 May 13th
Ballinrobe 4-10 V Mayo Gaels 8-6 July 3rd
Mayo Gaels 4-12 V Parke 1-10 July 10th
Mayo Gaels 6-10 V Lahardane 6-6 August 14th
Balla 0-6 V Mayo Gaels 2-6 League Semi Final September 27th
Mayo Gaels 1-7 V Davitts 0-8 League Final October 4th

Under 16 Division 4

Mayo Gaels 9-11 V Lahardane 1-5 June 28th
Mayo Gaels 3-13 V Balla 3-7 April 14th
Mayo Gaels 9-11 V Kilcommon 3-11 April 19th
Mayo Gaels 4-9 V Ballyhaunis 1-10 May 11th
Burrishoole 1-12 V Mayo Gaels 1-16 April 28th
Mayo Gaels 2-10 V Ardmoy 3-4 May 5th
Ballinrobe V Mayo Gaels get points w/o TBC
St Geralds 1-13 V Mayo Gaels 1-10 July 7th
Lahardane V Mayo Gaels get points w/o June 28th
Mayo Gaels 3-11 V Balla (League semi final) 2-12 July 14th
Mayo Gaels 2-9 V St Geralds (League final) 2-20 July 18th

South Mayo Under 16 B Championship Semi Final

St Geralds 0-16 V Mayo Gaels 0-10 Aug 4th

Under 15 Division 2B

Mayo Gaels 6-12 V Kilmeena 0-8 September 6th
Breaffy 2-6 V Mayo Gaels 2-20 September 13th
Mayo Gaels 1-9 V Shrule-Glencorrib 4-10 October 11th
Mayo Gaels 9-14 V Burrishoole 2-6 September 25th
Ballinrobe 2-8 V Mayo Gaels 4-10 October 22nd
Ballintubber 0-12 V Mayo Gaels 1-12 November 1st league semi final
Mayo Gaels 3-6 V Moy Davitts 1-6 November 8th league final

Under 14 Division 4

Mayo Gaels 6-6 V Ballyhaunis 10-10 (League Semi Final) June 21st
Ardmoy get points w/o V Mayo Gaels
Mayo Gaels V Ballyhaunis get points w/o June 11th
Bonniconlon 3-5 V Mayo Gaels 12-6 May 6th
Mayo Gaels 6-11 V Islandeady 10-10 April 30th
Achill 0-3 V Mayo Gaels 5-18 May 14th
Mayo Gaels 14-9 V Kiltane 12-5 June 14th
Mayo Gaels 7-8 V Shrule-Glencorrib 7-20 June 4th
Kilcommon V Mayo Gaels get points w/o June 4th

County Under 14 B Championship

Ballinrobe 9-10 V Mayo Gaels 2-5 July 2nd
Mayo Gaels V Burrishoole Aug 6th
St Geralds 6-11 V Mayo Gaels 5-8 July 23rd

South Mayo Under 14 B Championship

Mayo Gaels 1-7 V Kilmaine 2-19 August 27th

Under 13 Division 3A

Kilcommon 4-12 V Mayo Gaels 2-7 August 17th
Mayo Gaels 3-11 V Bonniconlon 6-8 August 24th
Kilmeena 2-15 V Mayo Gaels 0-6 August 31st
Mayo Gaels 6-20 V Eastern Gaels 4-5 September 14th
Kiltane V Mayo Gaels get points w/o September 21st

South Mayo Under 13 Blitz

Mayo Gaels V Claremorris A September 12th Claremorris A won
Mayo Gaels V Davitts September 12th Mayo Gaels won
Mayo Gaels V Garrymore September 12th at Garrymore won
Mayo Gaels V Claremorris B September 12th Claremorris B won

Under 12 Division 3A

Kilmaine 2-17 V Mayo Gaels 2-7 May 11th
Mayo Gaels 6-16 V Kilmeena 5-4 May 18th
Islandeady 6-10 V Mayo Gaels 2-17 May 25th
Ballinrobe 4-9 V Mayo Gaels 5-9 June 1st
Mayo Gaels 6-17 V Davitts 3-3 June 8th

Under 12 Summer League Division 5

Islandeady 4-5 V Mayo Gaels 1-7 August 10th
Mayo Gaels 10-16 V Kilmeena 6-2 July 6th
Mayo Gaels 9-7 V Kilcommon 5-14 July 13th
Kiltane 5-11 V Mayo Gaels 6-7 July 20th
Balla 1-2 V Mayo Gaels 4-10 July 27th

South Mayo Under 11 League

Davitts 3-8 V Mayo Gaels 5-8 September 2nd
Mayo Gaels 7-13 V Kilmaine 3-11 September 8th
Mayo Gaels 3-7 V Claremorris 7-12 September 10th
Garrymore 3-3 V Mayo Gaels 6-14 September 23rd
Mayo Gaels 4-6 V Ballinrobe 5-12 October 1st South Mayo B Final

Under 10 Go-Games Blitz

Host Club Mayo Gaels May 23rd 11AM
Host Club Davitts June13th 11AM
Eoin McGroddy Memorial Blitz Louisburgh June 21st 12:30PM
Host Club Claremorris July 4th 11AM

Under 8 Go-Games Blitz

Host Club Claremorris May 16th 11AM
Host Club Davitts June 6th 11AM
Host Club Mayo Gaels June 27th 11AM